I Didn’t Know I Was Worth Stealing From

Did you happen to read my not-so-brief awesome American music? Did you like Part 5 in particular? That was the one about how hard it was to be cool in the 80s. Well, these assholes liked it so much that they stole it, turned it into nonsense, and then posted it as their own work on their shitty blog.

I don’t know if the good folks at CDDB are not used to the English language or if they’re allowed to steal your shit as long as they turn it into gibberish, but either way, they fucked my words right in the nostrils. Just look at the first paragraph, if you can stand it. My favorite part is where they decided that “I am a female of that decennium and VH1 thinks I should fuck it to death.” It gets more hilarious/retarded from there.

I don’t make money doing Bollocks!. It’s purely a labor of love, but because it is, that makes what CDDB did kind of worse. Because this blog is about me and my geeky-as-fuck love of music, I feel like CDDB took a giant shit on my passion. They’re powered by WordPress, just like me, so I contacted WordPress to see what my options are. I’m guessing I just have to grin and bear it. I don’t want you, my 20+ readers (okay, I spend a lot more time around 60 readers a day than I used to, but I’m trying not to let that marginal improvement go to my head), to go to CDDB and start a flame war with them or anything. You’d only be giving them better numbers while futilely calling them cunts or whatever. It would be better if nobody went to CDDB and read their shit (I only linked to their post so you could compare it to the original) – who knows how many other poor bloggers they’re stealing from? I had thought that Bollocks! flew pretty far under the radar of thieving interweb magpies, but I guess not. If CDDB can find my stuff and steal it, they can probably steal stuff from much more established bloggers.

Just got an email from WordPress, telling me that there is a difference between being hosted by WordPress and being powered by them. Since CDDB is hosted elsewhere, WordPress can’t take down their post. Though they seem to agree that my shit got wholesale jacked by those fuckwits at CDDB.

What really troubles me about this is that CDDB is stealing people’s writing and making it unreadable. To what end, exactly? They don’t seem to be making any money off of it, which is good. But what purpose could it possibly serve to just compile other people’s writing and turn it into crap?

I’ll be looking into my options to stop CDDB in the weeks ahead (although I’m getting married in 3 weeks and will be busy as hell between now and then), but in the meantime, I would like the people at that site to come to their senses, do the right thing, and take down their crappy version of my post. Also, if you are a blogger and you have had your shit stolen by these guys, maybe drop me a line in the comments and we can put our heads together to bring these assholes down.


3 thoughts on “I Didn’t Know I Was Worth Stealing From

  1. freecddb.org is registered with 1&1 so they’re probably hosted there as well [0][1]. You can see from that whois record that the registrant is one Michael Kaiser IT Beratung who also has 15 other domains registered…a quick Google search reveals that he’s probably a freelance developer [2].

    This means that if it’s a real site at all it probably belongs to one of Mr. Kaiser’s clients. However the whois record also says that he’s listed the domain as “for sale” so it’s likely that he’s just squatting it and grabbing mangled text from the web as Blackhat SEO crap [3]. Fucker. He’s probably attempting to draw music-type people to notice the domain name and buy it from him, since CDDB is actually a legit thing [4] so he’s hoping someone will want the name “freecddb.org”.

    That’d be my guess. Try contacting 1&1 and see what they say.


    ps…I just noticed this on his site:
    “The customers are saying:
    By Search engine marketing by Michael Kaiser, we now have 20% more participants in our seminars.”
    So…yeah. Sounds like he is an SEO fucktard.

    [0] http://whois.domaintools.com/freecddb.org
    [1] http://1and1.com/
    [2] http://michael-kaiser-it-beratung.de/
    [3] http://websearch.about.com/od/seononos/a/spamseo.htm
    [4] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CDDB

  2. I can’t wait to see them steal this post as well. Dickwads.

  3. Wow landed on this site on Yahoo researching around for another topic entirely, and now I’m going to need to go back and go over some pages on your site.

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