High Hopes for Coachella

Once again, I am heading to the desert to camp out with my friend Tim and take in the sights and sounds of Coachella. I’ll have a full recap sometime next week, but for now, I wanna talk about the stuff that I hope happens this weekend.

I hope Jay-Z is replaced at the last minute by Atmosphere. This is not going to happen, but a boy can dream.

I know LCD Soundsystem will play a lot of stuff from their forthcoming This is Happening (it’s streaming at their website right now and you should probably be listening to it – I am), but I really hope James Murphy and company bust out their highly excellent cover of Joy Division’s “No Love Lost.” That song makes me want to jump around like a goon.

I still hope the Coachella people will book Band of Horses at the last second. I hope that with all my heart. I’ve heard two songs off of Infinite Arms (which is coming out next month – giggidy) and they instantly reminded me why I dearly love Band of Horses. So if you’re in Band of Horses, why not come to Coachella this weekend and gate-crash the thing? You can sleep in my car and busk outside my tent. I will give you beer. I am totally not kidding.

I hope Doom and Danger Mouse are part of the Gorillaz set. That would make me happy. I also hope the songs from Plastic Beach grow on me after hearing them live. We’ll see.

(Update on the new LCD Soundsystem record: “All I Want” is a badass song among badass songs. James Murphy wins at life.)

I will give Vampire Weekend a dollar if they just have done with it and play a cover of Paul Simon’s “Call Me Al.” Give in to the inevitable, guys.

I hope Pavement plays Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain in its entirety. I’m not that interested in their other albums, though I haven’t heard all of them.

I’m looking forward to seeing Dave Grohl play the drums live, but I hope Them Crooked Vultures are better live than they are on record. I nod off about halfway through that album.

I hope I have an excuse to sneak into the Hot Chip set. They’re not usually my kind of music, but I just listened to One Life Stand on a friend’s recommendation and it’s full of dancey goodness. If they’re on when I have nothing else to do, I’m gonna drop in and see how they are live. I’m imagining glow sticks galore.

I hope Arrested Development reforms and joins Sly Stone to do a live mashup of “Everyday People” with their “People Everyday.” That would be about the coolest thing ever. Odds: 900 to 1 against.

I hope Thom Yorke just plays a solo acoustic set of Radiohead songs. I didn’t care much for the laptop lust of The Eraser and I really want to hear “True Love Waits.” I’m sure Mr. Yorke will be loathe to grant me this indulgence, but he should take it under consideration. The ball’s in your court, Thom Yorke.

I hope the Specials are good. I didn’t even know they were still a band, and I haven’t heard anything of theirs that was released after 1982. But I love their Elvis Costello-produced debut album, and I’m really hoping they’ve still got that kinda energy live. Odds: 7 to 1 against.

I have no real hopes about the Yo La Tengo set – I’m just super extra happy that I’ll get to see them. I guess, if anything, I hope they play “Mr. Tough.” That song is not afraid of you and it will beat your ass.

I hope Lucero brings the horns with them. 1372 Overton Park is an amazing record and I want to hear some of that sexy Memphis brass when I see them at Coachella.

I’ve heard Spoon is kind of dull live, so I’m hoping that is not the case. Odds: ???

If the Cribs don’t open their set with “We Were Aborted,” I’m gonna be very very sad. Do they care? Probably not. But that song is awesome.

I hope the good people at Ninkasi Brewery in Eugene, Oregon, sneak in and swap all the Heineken kegs with their own Total Domination IPA. For two reasons: 1) beer monopolies are bullshit; and 2) Ninkasi beer kicks ass.

So I’m gonna go groom myself up a nice adventure beard, pack some stuff, fill some coolers, and haul ass out to Indio. Forecast calls for awesome.


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