Listen to Vic Chesnutt

If you peruse the same interwebby music sites that I do, you woke up this morning to conflicting rumors about Vic Chesnutt’s death. Some folks were reporting that Chesnutt died, apparently by suicide. As I write this, what is confirmed is that Chesnutt is in a coma. His friend Kristen Hirsh tweeted that it was indeed a suicide attempt. He may survive, though he may have brain damage if he does.

I didn’t really know much of his music before this morning, other than his dark (and lovely) contribution to Dark Night of the Soul, but a quick Google search led me to a fistful of stuff from this year’s At the Cut. It’s stunning stuff and I’ll be purchasing that album at my earliest opportunity. So, as the internet rumors fly, I’m just gonna urge everyone who reads Bollocks! to check out Chesnutt’s music, celebrate it, and send whatever positive thoughts you can in the direction of his family and friends as they flock to his bedside. Fans are welcome to post thoughts/favorite lyrics/album recommendations/etc. in the comments.


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