I’m Helping Neko Case!

Neko Case wants you to have something for free.

And it gets better. She wants you to have “People Got A Lotta Nerve,” from her upcoming Middle Cyclone album (out March 3 on Anti-) and she wants you to blog about it, as I am doing. And if you do so before February 3, Anti- will donate five bucks to the Best Friends Animal Society, which is a totally awesome rescue shelter for animals. Here’s where you can download the tune
Listen to it, enjoy it (it’s super good), and then write about how you enjoyed it. You’ll be spreading the love 2 ways – first, you’ll be sharing beautiful music with folks and second, you’ll be saving animals’ lives. Click here for details on how to let Anti- know you blogged about Neko’s song.
Now, about the track itself: it definitely picks up where Fox Confessor Brings the Flood left off, with the jangly guitars and atmospheric vocals. Neko’s voice is amazing as always and the chorus is catchy as hell: “I’m a man man man man man man eater/ still you’re surprised prised prised/ when I eat ya.”  It’s a short song, as many of hers are, but it’s a strong indication that Middle Cyclone will kick ass.
And: check out that album art. Holy shit, right?

So check it out and help Neko Case help animals.


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