So This is the New Year

Welcome to 2009, music snobs (I must assume you’re a music snob if you’re reading Bollocks! If you’re not a music snob, you’re still more than welcome, just beware: here, there be snobs)! There’s some new music coming out this month that we’ll be discussing  a little later on, including a long-anticipated third album from Franz Ferdinand. I’m also looking forward to new music from Andrew Bird this month, and 2009 will bring lots more goodies including a follow to Fox Confessor Brings the Flood from Ms. Neko Case. Woot.

Also, I’m turning 29 this month and have chosen to celebrate it all year long by sporadically taking you on a tour of the 29 best albums released in my lifetime. We’ll start the sporadic countdown on January 11th (my birthday, but you don’t have to send a card) with the best album released in my lifetime and then proceed randomly from time to time after that. You can probably guess what a lot of the albums are, but you probably can’t guess all of them. (If you can correctly guess all 29, I’ll give you a prize. No shit. And if you can correctly guess them in the right order, I’ll give you an even better prize. If you wanna try to do research, we’re talking about albums with a U.S. release date on or after January 11th, 1980.)

My musical pathologist friend Rebecca Mellor will also be back a few times this year for a segment called “Ask a Musical Pathologist”; Dr. Mellor has great tips for the perfect music to play while making love as well as helpful ways to stage an intervention for your emo brothers and sisters. If you have questions for Dr. Mellor, feel free to drop a comment to this site or email her direct at

If you wanna pass some time while waiting for the snarky reviews to come in, I recommend reading Redemption Song: The Ballad of Joe Strummer and/or listening to any of this years 10 best albums.


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