Everywhere At Once

“By the way people feel me/ you’d think I was titty” slant-rhymes Lyrics Born on “Hott 2 Deff,” a clever line in a song with an offensively deliberately misspelled title. He may be onto something, though. People, myself among them, really seem to dig this Bay Area MC even when he wanders off into trite territory (as on “Differences,” where he repeats over and over again, “I’m a dude,” which is funny at first, but not so much later on). Perhaps it’s because LB flows honestly and cleverly over some straight up funky beats. Everywhere At Once, his newest effort, is a blend of pop, hip-hop, and funk. It’s a party album, like all Lyrics Born records, and it goes down like an ice cold beverage on a hot afternoon.

For hip-hop purists, Lyrics Born is probably a bit cheesy, because he’s trying make really positive music and he tends to wear his George Clinton influence on his sleeve. Everywhere At Once is not going to change any minds on that front, but I’ve had a soft spot for this dude since Later That Day and, while Everywhere At Once is no Later That Day, it’s a fresh, fun record. Lyrics Born likes making music, making love, and does not like the current presidential administration (as evidenced on the extremely clunky “Do U Buy It?”).

Like all Lyrics Born offerings, Everywhere At Once is a little long and a lot skit-heavy. If you want aggressive hip-hop, throw on Pharoahe Monch (in fact, throw on Pharoahe Monch anyway); Lyrics Born is more like a hip-hop album you can put on for your girlfriend who doesn’t like hip-hop (as I have done a couple of times for my girlfriend).

Perhaps the perfect analogy is that Everywhere At Once is like a hard lemonade – you don’t usually want it, but every once in a while, it hits the right spot.


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