My Morning Jacket Loves Me (Okay, and Probably You Too)

EDITOR’S NOTE, 4/23/08: Looks like the link is old ‘n’ busted, kids. Hope you heard it while you could!

Holy fucking shit.;102725;QAbmXLKMdElhzvbKiaJhFw%3D%3D

Click that thing and you can go get yerself a free download of “Evil Urges”, the title track from My Morning Jacket’s forthcoming release, due out June 10th.

The track has this slightly southern-fried reggae kick to it with a twist of 70’s soul. Sounds like a bad combo, right? That’d be a negative, cap’n. I’m on my second trip through this track and I am currently willing it to be June 10th with every fiber of my being. This album is going to rock. It sounds like it could tie the more out-there aspects of Z to their earlier work.

Now then, My Morning Jacket, you’ve got me all excited. But if you really want to take things to the next level, maybe you could play a show at the Hollywood Bowl? I’m thinking Frightened Rabbit could open. You guys just let me know.

God I love this band.


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